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TruLync Item Processing Clients Migrated to Alloya FCU

The sale of TruLync’s item processing services to Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union completed its final major stage. As of Friday, November 5, TruLync’s credit union clients have converted to Alloya Corporate FCU. The team of professionals from TruLync and Alloya FCU worked hard to ensure a seamless transition, so that credit unions will immediately begin to realize the benefits of this strategic partnership.

TruLync has found a strong partner in Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union and is pleased to keep the item processing business in the credit union system. TruLync Services, including the business lines of Prize Linked Savings and M360 Data Analytics, will not be impacted by the transaction.

​With questions, contact MnCUN President & CEO Mark Cummins or Chief Operating Officer John Ferstl.

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